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Doing our bit for the environment.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We know it’s important that everyone does their bit where they can. We are a paper company, and unfortunately some of our items are more disposable than others, but we hope that a large portion of what we create is treasured for a long time. We can offer recycled paper on most of our items, just drop us a message to ask about this and find out our prices.

We have recently looked at our packaging process and how we can change this to be more environmentally friendly. Our couples orders need to be delivered to them safely and they need to be protected, and we have always tried to make sure we don’t over do the packaging, but we knew there was more we could be doing. Being a small and relatively new business it can be a difficult decision, but this is something we are passionate about and is important to us.

We have now changed our ‘cello’ bags, which help protect all our items from damage, to compostable ones. We have also changed our labels to recycled and compostable labels. Our mailing bags are now either made with recycled material, or reused and repurposed where possible - with the help of our recycled postal tape. Any additional information we add to your package is printed on recycled paper.

We know these are only small changes but as our business grows, we are keen to look into more ways to be sustainable.

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