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Our Mother’s Day gift guide

Mother’s day this year is the 19th March - that’s the Sunday, which means it’s just over 2 weeks until Mother’s day! As you might have just seen we have just released our limited stock of pamper boxes, but what else do we have that would be perfect for mum’s on their special day? We have put together a guide all of which we have designed bespoke to us and sell right here on our website. But you know that we love supporting small businesses, so if you would like a less bias* gift guide then pop over to our Lemon Feathers website and you’ll find some lovely products from some lovely small businesses (and maybe some more of our stuff too, sorry about that!)

Our pamper boxes, which can be personalised for your lovely mum - Mama/Mother/Mum. These have just gone up on the website and are only there until the 5th March or until stocks run out. And there are only be 15 available. So if a treat with a space mask, bath salts, ‘5 reasons I love you’ print and personalised hanging decoration, along with some positivity sprinkled in, sound like something your other half would love, then you best be quick as this will only be available until stocks run out.

There are 3 different designs of our gift coupons available, which makes gifts that aren’t a physical object, a little more special - like a trip away, a spa day or even a meal at their favourite restaurant.

We also have a limited amount of our mama signs available that can be personalised - Mama/Mother/Mum and a date added. These are such a lovely thing to have displayed in your home and a lovely way to show her that she means the world to you.

If you’re a mama yourself that would love to receive one of these lovely gifts then tag the gift buyer into our posts over on our instagram or Facebook to make sure they see it.

Thanks, Tasha & Faye x

*By less bias we do actually mean still pretty bias as we are shouting out some small businesses we support and love. Not an ad though.


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