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What do you need to include on your wedding invites?

Deciding what to include on your wedding invitations can be a tricky one. There’s lots of information to get across to your guests before your big day, but how do you word it and how much is too much?

Some couples give lots of information, including nearby hotels, dress codes, gift information and even ask for song requests. On the other hand, some give the bare minimum, and leave the rest as a surprise!

There really is no right or wrong way, it’s all about what you prefer.

To help your come to a decision on what you want on your stationery we have come up with a list below.

Day/Evening Invitations Details //

  • Names – Full names or first names

  • Date

  • Venue/s & Address

  • Time

  • Arrival Time

  • Reception venue

Day/Evening Invitations Wording Options //

Please join us for the wedding of ‘Names’

Together with their families ‘Names’ invite you to share their wedding day

‘Names’ Would like to invite you to celebrate their wedding

Celebrate the wedding of ‘Names’

‘Names’ Are getting married

You’re invite to the wedding of ‘Names’

Additional Information Details //

  • Transport Information / Parking

  • Gift wording / Gift List Details

  • Illustrated Map – Illustrated maps can add a bespoke design element and you can add places nearby like hotels.

  • Accommodation – It’s good to supply a mixture of Hotels, B&Bs, Self Catering etc for guests travelling from out the area. It might also be helpful to include the distance they are from the venue and also a phone number, website and pricing information.

  • Children – We can help you put this across in a nice way if children are not invited to your wedding day, we also have poem options.

  • Dress Code – This can be helpful depending on the ceremony and venue location - ie. bring wellies.

RSVP Details //

  • A Space for guests names

  • Tick boxes for Attending / Not attending

  • Return Date

  • Return Address

  • Dietary Requirements

  • Song Requests

  • Menu Choices

If you have any questions regarding wording or information, please do ask, we are more than happy to give our advice.

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